Structure & Leadership

Conferences are the hub of Vincentians' person-to-person service.

The structure of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul relies heavily on the engagement and commitment of our Conferences – groups of women and men, known as Vincentians, dedicated to supporting their neighbors in need throughout the Diocese of Greensburg.  They are members of the local community, increasing accessibility and promoting our mission to assist those in need on a person-to-person level.

The Council of Greensburg is at the service of our 32 Conferences comprised of around 1300 members.  It is the responsibility of the Council to provide support and programming to Vincentians and to our neighbors in need.

The National Council of the United States (located in St. Louis, Missouri) and the International Council (located in Paris, France) provide additional guidance and support while connecting the thousands of Conferences and Vincentians worldwide. 

The Society is a global movement of local Vincentians committed to supporting those who are most in need.